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Your system

Post  Scottzaf on Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:42 pm

So whats everyone running in there cars???

heres my kit list at the moment which is in the vec

FUSION CA-CD500 head unit with direct ipod connection
SPL Dynamics S-2002 amp running - Pioneer's TS-E6995 6x9's
SPL Dynamics S-1200D amp powering - 4 x jbl gt4's in 9cuft 27Hz tuned box
Autoleads PC4-60 4 Gauge Wiring Kit, plus few other bits and bobs

around the 140 db mark


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Re: Your system

Post  mystery machine on Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:44 pm

kvd920dvd HU
2x sets RF 6.5 comps (one in each door)
1x set 5 1/4 RF comp in tailgate
RF 700s (882wrms)
RF 300x (4x70wrms)
RF hx2 12" 1,000w sub
optima yellow top
4g power cables 120amp fuse
7 way line driver
2x 5.6 head rest screens

soon to be harmon kardon plug and play drive kit for the ipod
RF 9 band EQ (i'm thinking glovebox at the moment)
mystery machine
mystery machine

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