Well I never knew there was a Zafira Owners Club!

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Well I never knew there was a Zafira Owners Club!

Post  facfiftyone on Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:14 pm

HELLO! Just found this site randomly and never knew it existed! I've owned a 2002 Opel Zafira OPC (in star silver) since 2005 and love it to bits. I wanted one ever since I saw the "Daddy Cool" TV ads and managed to persuade the Mrs it was a good idea by taking a black GSi for a weekend test-drive. Thanks to the massive depreciation in the first couple of years, I managed to pick up an affordable OPC version that the Mrs found on eBay! So it was a bit of a gamble, but more than paid off and still enjoy the drive today. According to the blurb on eBay it was one of 5 commissioned by the Opel Touring Car Team and was driven by Alain Menu as a company car when he was living in London. As a result, it is right-hand drive and UK spec. The other 4 were left hand drive. They were all debadged apart from the OPC badge on the tailgate. Apart from that, it's no different to a standard OPC. I'm not into mods in a big way, but I did add an Irmscher roof spolier (the original OPC did not come with one as standard!) and added a PowerFlow back box / twin tail-pipe when the original back box rusted through. Also replaced the air filter with an air induction kit (so that I could actually hear the turbo!). Stopped short of adding a dump-valve though (don't really see the point - the car turns heads without it). Apart from that added a couple of shiny interior bits to tart up the (lets face it) dated dash, and replaced the licence plates with german style show plates (confuses the hell out of the rozzers as they are never sure if they are meant to be on there with it being an Opel! - not been pulled yet though - touch wood!) . . . Bye for now.

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