Selling rules... Please read before posting

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Selling rules... Please read before posting Empty Selling rules... Please read before posting

Post  Scottzaf on Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:24 pm

1. Please dont list items for sale with a price of "Sensible offers". Buyers can make what they feel is a sensible offer but you dont feel it is sensible. These situations can offend both buyers and sellers. Offers in the region of £xxxx is ok.

2. Please post multiple items in one post. Multiple posts for either the same item, and/or multiple items will be merged or if its a regular thing with a member they will be deleted. If you have 2 items for sale post them together. More than one post for each item will result in the last item to be posted being removed.

3. No post Hijacking or Insulting items people have for sale. e.g. if you have a similar item for sale saying you have one cheaper. If you know someone's item is good then that's great tell people and help sell it! By all means make an offer but do not insult the seller. :Smile

4. No excessive thread jumping, with either BTTT or similar. Repost if the item is reduced or sold, this way people won't contact you when you have sold it and take up your valuable time. Once an item is sold please try and state it is sold.

5. Clearly state a prefered method of contact so people can get in touch easier.

6. Keep any communications between yourself and the seller/buyer, this way you know what has been agreed.

7. No comercial adverts please, unless you support zafira-ownersclub in one way or another. Either buy offerning a members discount or Commercial help with the running of the club Comercial advertisers please contact us for details. To find out about advertising drop me a pm and we will contact you with details

8. zafira-ownersclub and any associated parties linked with the running of the club accept no liability for any items purchased via this forum, and will not get involved in any matter to resolve any issuse. Any sale is between yourself and the other party.

9. Be clear about what you are selling and where you are located.

10. All purchases/sales are undertaken at you own risk.

11. Rules are subject to change without notice

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