3.2 V6 engine for sale only 31K miles

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3.2 V6 engine for sale only 31K miles

Post  Waveybluewater on Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:17 pm

As above a good friend of mine has decided to break his Vectra B GSi and basically everything on it is for sale, the engine I fitted for him this March and due to the economy being so messed up he can't afford to keep it as he's just set up a business and needs the cash to be elsewhere..

It's the Z32SE engine which are pretty damn rare and good for 210bhp standard his is running approx 260bhp and eats VXRs for breakfast piece of pi$$, these engines can have loads done to them and are extremely strong, you could easily NOS one up or buy an American supercharger kit and have an absolute monster....

So the details on the engine are as follows:
I removed it from an 04 Vectra C GSi in March, the car had done 26K at the time with full service history..

I fitted all the Vectra B Ancillaries, sensors, oil sump & pick up pipe, plenums etc basically everything so it'd work in the Vectra B..

He's used it since March and has done just over 4,000 miles so the engine's mileage is still under 31,000, it runs fine and the buyer can hear it running / be a passenger in it if they wish, drive it if you have fully comp insurance etc...

There are 3 packages to consider:
1) Engine block with heads, cams, cam covers, Vectra B oil sump, cam belt & tensioners, water pump etc all still fitted - basically you could drop it straight into a Vectra B 2.5 V6 car and you'd just need the ancillaries, plenums, sensors etc off the 2.5 engine..


2) As above plus Omega 3.2 injectors (the Vectra C don't fit the Vectra B manifold), 3.0 lower divider, Bosch 4 bar Fuel pressure reg, knife edged, ported and smoothed plenums and lower inlet manifold (all powder coated), throttle body, knock / cam / crank sensors, power steering pump, alternator, air con pump, axilliary belt and tensioners.. So that's basically everything you'd need to put it stright into a 2.5 Vectra


3) All the above plus the better 2.6 Clutch (handles more power than the 2.5 ones), slave cylinder and a Courtenay 5.6kg lightened flywheel (std ones are 15kgs!!)


As said everthing else is available too so if you are fitting it into a non V6 Vectra then you'd need the, brakes (drilled and grooved discs), suspension (Full Koni setup), hubs, driveshafts, gearbox (F25), manifolds and cat (has a bolt in de cat pipe too), power steering rack, sub frame, electrical loom with ECU etc, all rads, piping etc etc..

Will except offers and will split items for agreed prices, the engine and parts all work fine and the car is still in use by my mates wife nearly every day...

Any questions or queries then please ask away!!


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