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Post  Prioneea on Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:18 pm

Hello. It still sounds like a media issue.Your pc drive can play it's own backups-using the same drive that burned it. Certain stand alones will be pickier. Too much compression and burn speed too fast are just a couple of things. The poor quality media backups will be magnefied by these pesky stand alones.The quality can vary considerably throughout the same spindle.It comes down to quality control at the many different manufacturers all making media for the same brand names.What brand name/speed rate/and format are they?Can you locate the exact manufacturers ID number on them?You can locate that code by using any of these programs: Nero- infotool/dvd decrypter/dvdidentifier/dvdinfoproDvdinfopro is a very handy program and it has a free version. This program will tell you that media code and also has a couple of scanning tests to check for errors on those backups. You can get it here: like to know that code,it should reveal the likely culprit to your issue. LaterHP a1118x-b/athlon 64-3300+/BenQ 1650 BCDC/LG 8163B/Modded Wii/Epson-R300 and Ty Watershields!!!


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